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Putting People First

Leadership is about putting people first and the same is true when it comes to financial planning. When it comes to money, enough always seems to be right around the corner and contentment will arrive as soon as you reach that next financial milestone. The truth is contentment is found in living a purposeful and meaningful life right now.

While much of investing and financial planning is focused on the future, one of the most important things I do is help my clients achieve clarity in their values and goals. Once we know what matters, we can build the strategies to take on your greatest pursuits. It’s part art and part science; however, it all centers on caring for people and the things that matter most to them.

I continually remind my clients that wealth is not a measure of a person’s worth, nor the ultimate source of security. Money is a resource and our investments are the tools we utilize on our life journey.

A Customized Plan for You

Throughout our adventure, we use our money as fuel to power the purchases we need to live out our priorities and passions while leaving a legacy for the next generation.

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Once I know the values, objectives and risk tolerance of my clients, my responsibility is to share how the various investment tools work, and under what conditions and scenarios they are optimized. We talk about the influences of inflation and market volatility and the impacts of credit and debt along with the time value of money to determine the best savings and investment choices for their unique situation.

Strategies for Your Dreams

When the pandemic struck our country and community, I immediately reached out to all my clients because it was clear the markets were about to experience a bumpy road.

In each of my personal conversations with my clients, we developed response plans that looked for hidden growth opportunities along with tactics to preserve the strength of their portfolios. My goal is to help my clients weather life’s storms and set them up for success.

Cetera Financial Advisor Jason Andrew sitting at desk with customer.That’s the rewarding part of my profession; I am involved in the major markers of their lives like marriages, first homes, sending kids to college, retirement, career changes, charitable missions, adventure travel, divorce, and the loss of loved ones. I am honored to earn the trust of my clients to be there with them through the ups and downs of life. It’s why I care so much about going the extra mile and hosting client appreciation events, celebrating birthdays and holidays and offering regular educational seminars and market updates.

Relationships Above the Bottom Line

Being so involved in my clients’ lives; it’s hard not to consider them family, which is why I measure wealth in so many more ways than just financial prosperity. That’s what financial planning looks like when you put people above the bottom line.

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